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Brook & in Life&Style Weekly Magazine

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Brook appears on page 6 of this week's Life&Style Weekly Magazine

Brook appears on page 6 of this week's Life&Style Weekly Magazine

Brook got it right. Her pic made it into Life&Style Weekly Magazine’s March 9th issue. You can find her and on page 6, in their ‘What’s Hot This Week’ section.

Thank you Life&Style Weekly Magazine, and thank you Brook for letting me post your pic (here’s the original post of the pic). Many thanks as well to those of you who answered our casting call. In addition to Brook, there were many submissions that were in the running. Specifically, Connie the Snuggie Zombie and Paul’s Snuggie Self Portrait – Clicky Clicky entry were finalists for consideration. I wish all of you could have made it in.

To all the Life&Style Weekly Magazine visitors who are discovering for the first time, I have created a welcome just for you.

And to all the visitors of this site – it is because of you and your creativity that this site is what it is. Deepest thanks to all. You bring a smile to my face, many times a day (and continually increasing) as I get emails from random strangers, posing in their Snuggies. I would have never guessed that I would have been doing this just 2 months ago, but I’m having a blast. So keep up the good work out there, Snuggie Nation, and I’ll do everything I can to provide you a platform to be a Snuggie Star.

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February 28th, 2009 at 3:15 am

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