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Snuggie Macarena

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Here’s the latest Snuggie commercial, which brings back the Macarena to create the ultimate Snuggie Dance.

Snuggie Commercial in Romania

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I just ran across this commercial on YouTube and it appears to have been uploaded by a user in Romania, under the title “Time to Get a Snuggie”. I noticed that the commercial is different than the one airing in the States, as well as the phone number and pricing being different as well.

It also shows that the Snuggie is only available in Blue and Red currently in Romania, but at least the Blanket with Sleeves is getting into foreign markets. I look forward to more International Snuggie Sightings.

Designer Snuggie – Zebra, Leopard and Camel Prints

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It is getting VERY hard to keep up with the tidal wave of Snuggie news hitting right now. I guess they are not ones to sit back and relax. Just yesterday I announced the new Snuggie for kids, available in Blue and Pink. Today, I present to you…(Snuggie Drum Roll Please)…Designer Snuggie.

The Designer Snuggie is available in 3 different prints – Zebra, Leopard, and Camel. You’ll also recognize some familiar faces in the new Designer Snuggie commercial.