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You’ve Got to Do It In a Snuggie – NYC Snuggie Pub Crawl News

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Did you know that New York City has already done a Snuggie Pub Crawl? They did it on March 14, 2009. I will be updating shortly to update the list, dates, locations, etc. So New York City is in the top 10 as far as hosting Snuggie Pub Crawls. The Minneapolis Snuggie Pub Crawlers also appear in this video, along with a couple of Snuggie Bike Riders at a strategic point in this song by Holly Yarbrough.

You’ve Got to Do It in a Snuggie from Snuggie Sightings on Vimeo.
Song: You’ve Got to Do It
Artist: Holly Yarbrough
Album: Mister Rogers Swings! Holly Yarbrough sings the Fred Rogers Songbook

NYC Snuggie Pub Crawl Photo Credits: Jennifer Sutton
Also Featuring Minnesota Snuggie Pub Crawlers (please send me a link for proper credit).
Snuggie Bike Riders: Cheri Layton, and
Video Created Using: Photodex

We previously featured Holly Yarbrough in our Month 2 Thank You Video, which is recopied below

Month 2 Thank You Video from from Snuggie Sightings on Vimeo.

Today is National ‘Won’t You Be My Neighbor?’ Day – Month 2 Thank You Video

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This is a few days late, but better late than never. It’s the Month 2 Thank You Video for

Month 2 Thank You Video from from Snuggie Sightings on Vimeo.

Music is by Nashville Musician Holly Yarbrough, singing “Won’t You Be My Neighbor?”, just in time for the National “Won’t You Be My Neighbor?” day, in honor of Mister Rogers’ birthday. Thank you to Holly for allowing me to use your music.

Holly’s album is ‘Holly Yarbrough sings the Fred Rogers Songbook‘ and I must say it is very cool. The packaging of the CD is great, and the CD contains 16 Songs from the Mr. Rogers show, redone in Holly’s distinct style. I listened to it twice through last night while I was working on, well into the wee hours of the night. The packaging is very hip, and I noticed on the inside that she has enscribed this – ‘Dedicated with love to the memory of Fred Rogers, March 20, 1928-February 27, 2003.’ This has obviously been a labor of love for Holly. Holly=WIN.

I also must mention that this video was created by my 12 year old son, who will be managing, once Snugglettes enter into the cultural jet stream and pics/vids start coming in for Snugglette Sightings (for how is going to work, you can go here – that website isn’t really set up yet, but it will be when the time comes).

And this is making me quickly realize as I write this, just how great and easy Photodex ProShow Producer is to use. I just ordered the software (after rocking their free trial and finding their Customer Support refreshingly real), got it in, quickly realized that I have ZERO time to even put together a Month 2 Thank You video. So…there sat my 12 year old kiddo, Mr. awaiting his debut. The kid has mad technical skills, so I simply told him ‘Here’s the song to use in the background, and find good pics from over the past month or so and here’s the software to use. See if you can figure it out.’ He nailed it, IMO (I realize I’m his dad, so I’ll be biased, but regardless — Consider me a Convert from Animoto to Photodex ProShow Producer).

And in interest of full-disclosure, Photodex doesn’t have an affiliate program (that I’m aware of), this is an unsolicited review and I’m making zilcho pesos by sending them a little link love and endorsement. So word to Photodex….if you ever have a need, here’s a handy quote or endorsement you can use…”Mr. Hearts Photodex ProShow Producer” … I spent a lot of time coming up with just the right words, so I hope you’ll use it on your site and send a little of that link karma back my way 😉

Regardless, I’ll be checking out your additional plugins and various extensions that I’m starting to see a need for. Another video is coming in days, related to Snuggie Bike Riders. I think I’ll call it Snuggie de France…

…in closing – this has been the funnest 2 months of my life. Thanks to Snuggie and those that wear them.