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Oprah Snuggie Video

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Update 3/11/09 – Harpo Productions has had the YouTube videos removed. They were not mine, I simply embedded them on this site, but the source files were from someone else on YouTube…so if you want to see Oprah in a Snuggie, I guess you’ll have to find a re-run…or you could just watch out for Tyra in a Snuggie, which is due to hit any day now.

You will have to settle for my original description of what you could have seen in the video, if Harpo Prods hadn’t brought down the copyright hammer.

Oprah chats with Mr. Snuggie, Scott Boilen, about the success of the Snuggie. The panel on Oprah’s show, which included Tyler Perry in a Zebra Snuggie, seemed to doubt that people would wear Snuggies out in public, to theaters, etc.

Although Scott didn’t point Oprah’s viewers to (sigh) for proof of Snuggies in Public, he did mention that people are out Pub Crawling in Snuggies. For more on Snuggie Pub Crawling, check out (which is on the 1st Page of right now and getting slammed with traffic). They also discussed people wearing Snuggies in theaters. Here is a pic of a Snuggie wearer at an opening night midnight screening of the Watchmen movie. Our first Snuggie Sighting in a theater is here.

Snuggie Oprah

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Oprah Snuggie Video is here

It now officially does not matter that warm weather is fast approaching. The Snuggie is going to do just fine through Spring and Summer, thanks to someone whom you may already know…Oprah, a.k.a. O. (You know you are big when you can be referred to as the first letter of your name…this isn’t quite as ‘Artist Formerly Known as Prince / Funky Hieroglyphic’ big, but ’tis big enough for your own TV Show, Magazine, etc.)

Tyler Perry in the Designer Zebra Snuggie and Oprah in the Pink Snugglette - Oprah Winfrey Show - Friday, March 6, 2009.

Tyler Perry in the Designer Zebra Snuggie and Oprah in the Pink Snugglette - Oprah Winfrey Show - Friday, March 6, 2009.

On Friday, March 6th, Oprah devoted time to the Snuggie. For the first time, new Snuggie lines made an appearance. These new prints are known as Designer Snuggies. Prints available are Leopard, Zebra, and Camel. And also Snugglettes, Snuggies for Kids – Check out Oprah in the Pink Snugglette. You go, girl! And notice how Tyler Perry can cradle his coffee cup because his arms are not restricted by a blanket.

Oprah, thanks to the Snuggie People, was able to give away Snuggies to the entire audience. I will have this video up at some point of the crowd’s joyous reaction to the news. Snuggie = Mainstream.

Greetings to New Visitors

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Looking for Oprah? Here is all of the current Oprah Snuggie news on this site. Much, much more is coming, so check back soon.

Many of you hitting this site for the first time after hearing about on TV, radio, or reading about the site in print. I wanted to extend a warm welcome to each of you and highlight different areas you will want to be sure to visit.

First of all, is created with you in mind. It gives me no greater thrill than to help others be seen in Magazines, TV, and Newspapers. Our most recent Snuggie Sighting model to be featured in print is Brook, the Snuggie Wizardess in this week’s Life&Style Weekly Magazine.

Other Snuggie Product Lines which have recently been announced are:
Snugglette – Snuggies for Kids
Designer Snuggie – Available in Zebra, Camel, and Leopard Prints
Here are other humorous Snuggie Sightings that you will hopefully enjoy.

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