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Snuggie Fashion Show Photos

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Pictures from today’s Snuggie Fashion Show are available from The Cut

Fleece. Out.

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September 15th, 2009 at 2:06 pm

Snuggie Skateboarding Video

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An obvious activity that you cannot do in a blanket is Skateboarding. There have been a few random Snuggie Skateboarding Sightings, but a Snuggie Skateboarding Video would simply bring it to the next level. GardenSK8 Indoor Skatepark (located in Pine Brook, NJ) recently had a Snuggie Sunday. Thanks for letting us post your Snuggie Skateboarding Sighting extraordinaire.

Here’s the original blog post of the Snuggie Sunday at GardenSk8.

Here’s a screen grab from the above video, which happens at the 3:20 mark. I don’t recall seeing this particular thing done in a Snuggie before – a Snuggie Three Headed Monster. It seems so obvious now, but this is a first for me.

Tres Snuggie Amigos

Tres Snuggie Amigos

You’ve Got to Do It In a Snuggie – NYC Snuggie Pub Crawl News

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Did you know that New York City has already done a Snuggie Pub Crawl? They did it on March 14, 2009. I will be updating shortly to update the list, dates, locations, etc. So New York City is in the top 10 as far as hosting Snuggie Pub Crawls. The Minneapolis Snuggie Pub Crawlers also appear in this video, along with a couple of Snuggie Bike Riders at a strategic point in this song by Holly Yarbrough.

You’ve Got to Do It in a Snuggie from Snuggie Sightings on Vimeo.
Song: You’ve Got to Do It
Artist: Holly Yarbrough
Album: Mister Rogers Swings! Holly Yarbrough sings the Fred Rogers Songbook

NYC Snuggie Pub Crawl Photo Credits: Jennifer Sutton
Also Featuring Minnesota Snuggie Pub Crawlers (please send me a link for proper credit).
Snuggie Bike Riders: Cheri Layton, and
Video Created Using: Photodex

We previously featured Holly Yarbrough in our Month 2 Thank You Video, which is recopied below

Month 2 Thank You Video from from Snuggie Sightings on Vimeo.