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Oakland County Water Resources Department Gets Snuggified

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Amanda writes, “We support the Snuggie Movement at Oakland County Water Resources Department of Billing Services!”

Thanks, Amanda, for this stellar workplace Snuggie Sighting.

I’m on a Boat … in a Snuggie

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Anne writes, “here is a snuggie sighting on board the Diamond Princess on Christmas Eve 2009 from Auckland to Sydney Australia” – What can I say? I ran across this going through old emails. After a long wait, here’s your aquatic Snuggie Sighting, Anne!
Snuggie on a Cruise ship. Luxury personified.
Let’s take a closer look at that Snuggie.
This cruiser has figured out how to close the back of the Snuggie.

Tennessee Titans Snuggie

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Titans fans were holding their collective breath – not waiting for Chris Johnson to report – but waiting to see the Titans Snuggie. Here ’tis, Titans fans.

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