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Oakland County Water Resources Department Gets Snuggified

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Amanda writes, “We support the Snuggie Movement at Oakland County Water Resources Department of Billing Services!”

Thanks, Amanda, for this stellar workplace Snuggie Sighting.

Snuggie Macarena

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Here’s the latest Snuggie commercial, which brings back the Macarena to create the ultimate Snuggie Dance.

College Snuggie Uniform

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In perusing the new College Snuggie designs, I noticed that there are a couple of designs this year for College Snuggies. One is the Patchwork Snuggie and the other is the Snuggie Uniform.

College Snuggie Uniform - Click Here for a List of Schools

These new designs are available for several of the universities. I’ve included pics for Notre Dame as an example. Go to the Snuggie Sports website and browse to your favorite team to see which designs are currently available.

Patchwork Snuggie - Notre Dame Fighting Irish Pictured - Click Here to See if Your School is Available

And don’t forget the original College Snuggie design, which is available for a multitude of schools.

Notre Dame Fighting Irish Snuggie